A Contemporary House In Sorel By Naturehumaine

Montréal, Canada’s second largest city, is a fantastic destination for cultural attractions and elegant architecture. Rooted in its European heritage, it successful cultural landscape of architecture, urban planning, public spaces and monuments, resulted in UNESCO designating it a “City of Design.” For that, Montreal and its suburbia might be regarded as one of the most innovative and unique cities in Canada.

These factors put Naturehumaine, the architecture firm based in Montreal, to design a contemporary house in Sorel, Quebec.

It's a single-family home in the middle of suburbia, where the client envisioned a house that would be unique from its surroundings.



Naturehumaine chose to draw on a wide variety of influences, ranging from the Prairie-style designs to the mid-century modern homes characteristic of the International movement. Here they distilled the historical references into a general sense of purism, while taking advantage of advances in building technology and materials to create an innovative design. Glass, concrete, vinyl and wood were used to emphasize the concept of progressive architecture. Large windows create a connection to the outdoors.



This homestead plans offer flexible space and use, allowing a homeowner to tailor the home's functionality to their lifestyle. The plan provides-to-date functionality and design.





The space plan offsets 2 rectangular bars in plan, bridging over them with a gable roof and chamfering the corners. These chamfered cuts in the roof create dynamic angular perspectives, resulting in covered exterior spaces at the front entry and a screened-in porch. The dwelling has a small footprint of just 1200 square feet, leaving the existing trees undisturbed. The house was oriented perpendicular to the road, creating a semi-private wooded garden on the north side of the house. Southern light is brought in by two majestic skylights positioned at the center of the house, where an angular yellow volume dividing the two skylights both warms the light, and diverts its direction.




The Architectural features of Sorel’s homestead include:

·         Open, flexible floor plan.

·         Minimalist decorative elements.

·         Extensive use of modern or "industrial" mixed materials throughout home.

·         Extensive use of glass for natural light and views.

·         A simple front entrance.



The contemporary design of the house relies on a strong emphasis on line and form, which are two essentials of good design that give a house its energy.



In the fine line between architecture and art, this residential design by Naturehumaine finds itself comfortably in both categories.

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All Photographs are reproduced courtesy of Naturehumaine.

Researched and Written by Taghreed Al-Zubaidi , Masters Student of Inclusive Design at OCAD University- Toronto

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