A Modern Outlook To A Rustic Setting In Georgian Bay, Ontario

When you want a house designed to look its best (as you always should!) you use experts in the field of architecture.

But what happens when you are that expert?

The answer: you create your own design!

Photo: (on Twitter) by Core_Architects

Located in Monument Channel, Georgian Bay, this modern rustic palace of a cottage was not only created by Charles Gane of Core Architects, but is also owned by him as well.

The envelope features extensive glazing which embraces the bucolic view of Lake Huron, while capturing the maximum amount of natural light capable within four walls.

The roof, ceiling, framing and decking - as the cabinetry and kitchen island - is Douglas Fir.  This material imbues a ‘cabin in the woods’ feel without compromising the modern form.

To truly imagine the amount of energy that went into retrieving the wood needed for this cottage, please enjoy this YouTube video of a lumberjack taking down a single tree. It really puts the magic of this house into perspective.

Photo: (on The Globe and Mail) by Paul Orenstein

From the inside the rural concept makes itself clearer.

It's like Tarzan's jungle palace married the Jetson’s high tech home to create this enchanting hybrid of rural and futuristic.

As for materials, nothing reflects light better than polished wood, metal, and glass - all of which are in great supply - throughout this dwell.

Photo: (Globe and Mail) Paul Orenstein

This cottage isn’t just for summer.

Imagine curling up next to this massive stone fireplace, sipping hot cocoa while watching the snow fall.

Speaking of cocoa, here’s a recipe any Canadian would enjoy.

Photos: (Globe and Mail) Paul Orenstein

As if the interior wasn’t incredible enough, the cottage features ample outdoor 'rooms' with railings and furnishings also made from Douglas Fir.

This is a place which truly brings us back to our roots, while remaining forward-thinking. A veritable Canadian log cabin that has leapt into the 21st century.

Ever met a millionaire Canadian logger? We think we might have found his dream home.

Here's more about Charles Gane from Core Architects!

Photography courtesy of Paul Orenstein

Researched and Written by: Shawn Fournier, Student of Journalism, University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

Posted In: Ontario

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