Fresh Water Wonder In Vancouver, British Columbia

Talk about blurring the boundaries of inside and out!

This project by DIALOG, a residence in the historical Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood of Vancouver, connects the two seamlessly through a natural dialogue (pun intended) with the beautiful vegetation and year-round fresh water stream dividing the property.


One of the greatest challenges of the site was the property’s proximity to a heavily travelled arterial road.

To address the impact, the architects responded through the strategic use of concrete fin walls and vast expanses of commercial curtain wall glazing and large feature skylights to maximize light and exterior exposure.

The home consists of polished concrete floors, an exposed wood roof with steel fittings, and neutral white walls, which serve as the perfect contrast to the framed vistas of the lush landscape and foliage.

The inside outside dialogue is reinforced by roof eaves which extend far beyond the exterior walls, and intimate perimeter decks which overlook bamboo, rhododendrons, Japanese maples and other local vegetation.


My favourite feature of the house is the connection between the main floor and lower living area.

The staircase, made of steel and glass, offers a view of the creek while simultaneously welcoming users to a lower level wrapped by nature.

All photography: Courtesy of Kristopher Grunert


How fantastic to see DIALOG marry the lushness of our west coast landscape with natural materials, creating domestic harmony and bliss!


Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design - Ryerson University

Posted In: British Columbia

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