House in New Edinburgh, Ottawa

Those who know me know I was just drooling over this Ottawa house. It beautifully integrates natural materials (mainly stone and wood) AND has lots and lots of stairs. Just look at this picture:

The understated unit doesn't need to overtake the adjacent houses - it has an elegance all of its own, what with the bursts of red and the abundant rectangularity.

No big ol' honkin' garage on this house - this house was clearly built for people, not for cars. I could see a bright red Ferrari in that driveway, although I'd much rather have nothing to obstruct my view of that staircase. The carport canopy does a great job of giving visual coherence to the structure's 'staircase' look.

The floor-length windows make this as much a place to look into as a place to live in. I'll stop talking, and let the pictures say their piece.

Architect: Christopher Simmonds

Photos: Doublespace Photography

Research and Written by Josh Patlik, Student of International Development & Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Posted In: Ontario

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