An Interview With Island Life Tiny Homes Designers, Vancouver, BC

Well, well, well.... from the looks of it, the tiny home movement is burning brighter than ever! I sat down with  Vancouver Island's  Island Life Tiny Home founders - Michael Hankus, Douglas Peterson-Hui, and Daniel Sobieraj - to discuss their latest project!





A while back, we featured a story about the micro-home mania in British Columbia, so what better way to continue the thread than with the following video interview with the founders and designers of this exciting project.

Take a look - and enjoy!





So what do you think? Do you see yourself living in a tiny home one day? One never knows, right?


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Graphics and video timelapse footage courtesy of: Island Life Tiny Homes

Follow them and see more about their journey at:

Instagram: @islandlifetinyhomes

Facebook: @islandlifetinyhomes


This interview was filmed and edited by Agnes Yuen, an Architectural Science student at Ryerson University.

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