L’Ecran By Montreal’s Alain Carle

Drawing inspiration from the geometric complexity of its site, the second-home in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec by Architect Alain Carle folds across the landscape (like a screen).





Aiming to downplay the connection to the street, while enhancing its connection to the lake, the facade - when approaching the house - is enshrouded in black brick with a single perforation opening onto the central courtyard that acts as the “hinge” for the home’s various intersecting forms.





A spiral staircase just off this courtyard space connects the two levels, which is a statement in itself as the only curvilinear element in this otherwise crystalline geometry. 





Contrast, employed in the choice of finishes, creates a sense of theatricality. While the exterior is clad entirely in black - from the bricks to the roof to the trim work, interior surfaces - both walls and ceilings, are wrapped in warm wood paneling which is offset by stark white and concrete. In some ways, it’s a material language that’s not dissimilar to the vernacular of Quebec Chalets but deployed with unexpectedly artful effect.





It really is the structure’s geometry - the way it works with its site rather than superimposing a box on top of it, that sets this home apart. It acts as a testament to the value a client will receive working directly with an architect, rather than employing the "one-size-fits-all" option of catalogue housing.




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All images courtesy Alain Carle Architecte.


This article was written and researched by Miranda Corcoran, who began writing for Houseporn while studying Industrial Design and Digital Media at OCAD University.

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