Lukasz Kos’ 4Treehouse In Muskoka, Ontario

Cottage culture is perhaps a crucial component of residential life in Ontario. It is a clear indicator that, fundamentally, most Canadians want to experience the natural landscape the country has to offer. Yet with increased urbanisation and clamorous lifestyles, opportunities to have substantive encounters with nature seem to be becoming less frequent.



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Torontonian Lukasz Kos’ 4Treehouse offers such an experience. Elevated by wooden stilts within a tall cluster of fir trees in Muskoka, its permeability offers a transitory sentimentality in which the permanence of the forest is contrasted with the impermanence of humanity and its products. At night, light seeps out of the slatted wooden facade to cause the structure to appear as a grandiose lantern. By day, it acts as a tree, posing as an extension of its surrounding landscape.



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The project speaks to common tendencies for urban escapism in Southern Ontario. As Kos was a student in Toronto for many years, he is able to understand the duality of urban and rustic domestic lifestyles that exists for many families in the region during the summer months. He is hence able to immerse those who enter 4Treehouse into the surrounding wilderness in an extremely compelling manner, creating a tranquil escape from the intensity and tumult of the city.



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The transcendentalism of the experience cannot be paralleled. Looking down from the upper platform, one senses the insignificance of the common tumultuous lifestyle. Looking up from inside the structure, the top opens up to a vast expanse of trees that ultimately allows one to acknowledge the ephemerality of human existence.



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Lukasz Kos is the co-founder of four-o-nineTo explore more of the firm's architectural designs visit the four-o-nine portfolio.

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Researched and written by Simone Delaney, Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies student at the University of Waterloo.

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