Quebec’s Cabane 217 By Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Cabane 217 is set on a wooded lot located in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier in Quebec. It is a beautiful redevelopment project helmed by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes and is said to be based on a LEGO model that was made by the client.





Since the client wanted to give new life to his residence, the underlying design premise was to give the building a contemporary facelift without compromising the rural character of the original house. The challenge was striking a balance between the modern and the country rustic feel of the existing structure. When tackling that challenge, Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects decided to take advantage of the setting and open the home up to its environment.





The modern touch comes through the introduction of glazing. To flood the dwelling with natural light and improve the sight line at Cabane 217, floor to ceiling windows capture breathtaking views of the surroundings woods, creating a dialogue between the interior and exterior.

An external materiality integrates the house into its woodland setting. The original wood siding was maintained and repainted, and the new wood windows meld into the plywood panels that define the extensions and additions.

However, the steep slope of the roof was kept intact and is reminiscent of the style of the original building.





The traditional dormer windows were widened. One dormer facing the street fills the internal staircase with light.





I love all the glazing, which blurs the boundaries between inside and out. The atmosphere of the surrounding nature is invited into the house on every side.





The kitchen underwent a complete renovation. The material finishes were upgraded to sleek wooden panels and slate that respect and reflect the characteristic warmth of the forest region.





The two main levels of the house are connected by a bright and newly illuminated staircase. On the river facing side of the house, a section of the room was raised to accommodate the master bedroom and its adjoining bathroom. This larger dormer boasts additional floor-to-ceiling windows that create an airy space that seems to float into the greenery, like a tree house.





The standout addition (pun intended) is a screen room that stands out from the main volume. This room plays host (more puns) to a fireplace and is an intimate hosting space. It contrasts with the spacious rooms and large deck to facilitate a new relationship with the environment. It serves as a sort of threshold and leans out into the landscape.  




All in all, I think the end product is an exquisite balancing act as the redesigned home feels like it could be a residence in the city, yet it still encapsulates the warmth of the getaway cabin that it is.




Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes created a tranquil house that seems like it would be the perfect place to retreat and recharge. If I could, I would love to live there and enjoy the colours of the woods from the comfort of the cabin’s living room!

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The stunning photography is courtesy of Stephane Groleau.

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Researched and Written by Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, Undergraduate Student of Architectural Design at the University of Toronto.

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