Quebec’s Chalet De La Plage By La Shed Architecture

Chalet de la Plage, or the Beach House by Montreal-based firm La Shed Architecture seeks to reform the traditional alpine chalet. With black corrugated paneling and white-painted walls, these features give this Canadian chalet a contemporary feel.





Located on a beach in the Lanaudière region of Quebec, this home was designed as an escape from the city for the homeowners. The structure is based on traditional Canadian cabins, carrying on the local vernacular form but with updated features and details.

Leading up to the entrance, the façade tells little of the space inside with the exception of several openings that were arranged to optimize privacy.





Inside, the visitor enters the entire living space under the gabled roof which has been transformed into a large space through the modified A-frame structure. The walls and roof are sheathed in white-painted wood panels, providing an airy and crisp ambience to the space. The white interior is a stark contrast to the exterior of the cabin, yet the materials are complementary of one another.





The entire southern façade opens up to the lake, flooding the space with an abundance of light. The fenestration accentuates the structure of the building while providing expansive views of the wooded area and lake.





The private living spaces, including the bedroom, bathroom, and utility room are contained within a cubic volume made of natural plywood. A staircase leads to a loft and guest space with a home office and lounge area, taking advantage of the view from multiple perspectives.





Polished concrete floors reflect the sunshine, further brightening up the space while also acting as a heating and cooling source during the various seasons. This cabin is an elegant contemporary tribute to traditional Canadian chalets of previous epochs.





La Shed has successfully combined classic forms with contemporary and refurbished materials in this homely abode. Nestled within a grove of trees, the Beach House rises in contrast to its surroundings in any season.

Chalet de la Plage was presented with the Award for Excellence in Architecture in the Pre-selected Project Category for Single Family Residential Buildings by the Ordres des Architectes du Quebec (OAQ) in 2015.

La Shed Architecture strives to design their spaces with order, light, and alignment as the basis of their projects. Functionality of their spaces are characterized by contemporary facilities and the use of durable, affordable and classic materials. The firm is experienced with optimizing small spaces and emphasizes on finishing details and features to add seduction to their contemporary designs. More projects can be found on La Shed Architecture.


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All photos courtesy of Maxime Brouillet.


This article was researched and written by Emily Suchy, Undergraduate Student of Architecture at the University of Toronto.

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