Residents Transform The Interiors Of Montreal’s Habitat 67

Fifty years after its construction, Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 located in Montreal, Quebec remains an important part of Canada’s Modern architectural heritage, but how we live has changed a lot in that time. Interior renovations by the building's residents are allowing the iconic structure to evolve to suit contemporary life.



Image Courtesy Atelier Moderno



One great example of this comes in Atelier Moderno’s renovation for Francois Leclair. A chunky but slick island echoes the building’s cubic form.



Image Courtesy Atelier Moderno


Pared-back furnishings let furnishing choices - like the shag carpeting, above - remain retro while also feeling minimalist and modern; it's an interesting duality. The exposure of unfinished concrete (along with fresh steel reinforcement) allow the structure’s Brutalist roots to shine through, lending a sense of history that punctuates the kind of clean and modern finishes, that on their own can sometimes feel sterile.



Image Courtesy Atelier Moderno


A more recent remodel by Maria Varvarikos and Dexter Peart offers another illustration of how it’s possible to reprogram the structure for the needs and wants of a young family today - open-plan living space being a hallmark of this.



Photograph by Alexi Hobbs


The kitchen blends seamlessly into dining and living spaces with a colour palette constrained to white and walnut. Built-ins by local furniture maker Kastella offer a look that’s just mid-century enough to pay homage to the building's heritage, and with details that punctuate the Pedini cabinetry of the kitchen space tie in perfectly.

To learn more about their designs, visit Kastella.


Photograph by Alexi Hobbs


These are just a taste of many recent beautiful remodels that have happened at Habitat 67. They’re an important reminder of what’s possible in any space, like this mid-century Brutalist building that has an important place in Canada’s architectural identity and how similar spaces might continue to evolve and be celebrated!

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Photographs by Alexi Hobbs first appeared in an article for the Globe and Mail by Kristina Ljubanovic, it's definitely worth a read for more examples of how Habitat 67 continues to transform, accompanied by interviews with its residents.


This article was written by Miranda Corcoran, who began posting for while studying Industrial Design and Digital Media at OCAD University.

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