The Quebecoise Nook Residence by MU Architecture

Nestled deep in a quiet area of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, the Nook Residence by MU Architecture, blends in perfectly with its landscape, especially during the winter months!

As seen below, with its back to the street, the home offers a blind facade that generates a certain curiosity about the building. Strategically located openings and a large gap in the white mass give a hint at the beautiful scenery below as one approaches the building.





Wood painted white on all sides of the structure allows for integration of the building in its environment. The house also changes with the seasons; the stark white paint makes it a landmark through the lush summer, and then blends into the winter landscape as a tribute to the great Quebec winters.





The home’s sharp angles and facade mimic the steep terrain and snowy landscape that lead up to the lot. The structure is comprised of two asymmetrical volumes that seem to twist onto each other like an origami figure. The top level is strategically placed on the smaller lower level, providing solar shading for the large, south-facing terrace.





Inside, the materials and colors creates a space that is both bright and warm. The minimalist interior design features polished radiant concrete floors, black ceramic tiles and walnut furniture that punctuate the space with a touch of nature and a subtle elegance.





The residence also feature a black staircase to that leads to the bedrooms on the lower level. Two large bedrooms, a bathroom, and a dormitory with board-formed concrete walls occupy the ground level.







An abundance of large, floor-to-ceiling windows erase the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The open living spaces on the ground floor boast cedar-planked ceilings which extend to the outside terrace, guiding the eyes to successively unveil different views of Lake Memphremagog.







I think the charm of the Nook Residence lies in MU Architecture’s ability to capture the essence of its surroundings in the design. The project recognizes the beauty of the landscape around it, and embodies it within itself, becoming a bona fide part of the landscape itself.





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Photos courtesy of Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

Researched and Written by Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, Undergraduate Student of Architectural Design at the University of Toronto

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