A Toronto Garden In The Sky By LGA Architectural Partners

Living the urban life certainly has its perks, but there are also environmental drawbacks as well, such as increased pollution, water management issues, and lack of natural spaces for urban wildlife.

A solution to this conundrum is going green, with sustainable green roofs!

Taking advantage of under-utilized opportunity, green roofs are mini-ecosystems that provide natural habitats desperately needed in our industrial jungle.



Images by Ben Rahn, A-Frame Studio



This Toronto house on Euclid Avenue, designed by LGA Architectural Partners, features a thriving green roof.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, it's a brilliant solution for storm water management, and will help refresh the air in our often polluted city.

The blossoming plants on the roof absorb the energy from the sun, which helps cool the home during those hot summer months.



Images by Ben Rahn A-Frame Studio


With the green roof insulating the house from the harsh Toronto climate, the clean-lined interior, drenched in natural light from expansive walls of glass, becomes a comfortable - and visually compelling - indoor/outdoor environment.

I love that while the windows create a lightness to the space, the use of wood and soft textiles creates an elegant balance.

Incorporating both soft and hard elements infuses this home with a grounded comfort, while connecting to nature outdoors.


Images by Ben Rahn A-Frame Studio


Images by Ben Rahn, A-Frame Studio


Bringing nature, and sunlight, indoors translates into a comfortable calming environment, while its green roof sustainably enhances our quality of life.

This success is thoughtfully achieved in this outstanding residence.

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Researched and Written by Lydia Chan, Bachelor of Interior Design at Ryerson University

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