Toronto’s Strachan Row By STAMP Architecture

Am I still walking in Toronto or am I in a parallel universe that looks like Hollywood?

Heading North on Strachan Avenue, towards the popular Trinity Bellwoods park, you’re flanked by townhouses and individual Victorian residences of a human scale. Then just as you pass the corner of Adelaide, you come across what may seem at first as a massive raw block of concrete and stone that cuts the flow of traditional housing. In reality, this new edifice is actually an elegant monolithic 4 Unit row house, designed by STAMP Architecture.





This structure takes centres stage and demands an audience. Each dwelling is 6,500 square feet and stands tall at 3 floors, where ceilings range from 12 to 14 feet, emphasized even more by large glass windows that dominate the facade. Sold by the builder as 'shells' to be custom-tailored to suit, STAMP Architecture designed each domicile as a series of articulated spaces ready for personalization. In a city where developers typically offer a limited selection of standard and upgrade finishes and fittings, nothing imbues glamour and luxury in Toronto than owning a custom bespoke dwelling. 





STAMP Architects also included hidden gems in each dwelling, which are the expansive terraces at the rear which feature private outdoor havens boasting city views. It might be hard to imagine this “Hollywood Hills” style terrace would be a good fit in Toronto, given the Game of Thrones-style winters the city experiences, but there are a solid six months of excellent weather here which - with the help of a gas fireplace or heaters to take off the chill - can even be extended. 





This means each owner can create dreamy spaces created specifically for their needs, whether it be a space for intimate relaxation, entertaining, or a little bit of both.





As a designer, I'd dream to have an unlimited budget to create an innovative terrace that not only caters to the dreams of luxury, but to the seasons. For wouldn't it be straight out of a sci-fi movie if a terrace would sense weather changes and adapt accordingly? Insulation for winter, shade cover for harsh sunrays, or maybe a cooling effect to outweigh humidity. Instead of a design that may be limited by weather constraints, why not create a design that adapts and caters to it? 





The Strachan Row is nothing short of glamour. A luxurious escape in the heart of Toronto, these style statements provides its residents with the opportunity to live the fantasy of being in two places at once!


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Images courtesy of STAMP Architecture and BuzzBuzzHome


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Researched and Written by Mehra ElMesseery, Double Major in Architectural Studies, University of Toronto.

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