A Multicultural Sanctuary In Yorkville, Toronto

When I define Canada, I think of our country's celebration of multiculturalism.

The story of many Canadians - whether recent or in their history - involves a journey to this liberal progressive country.

This condominium, designed by Johnson Chou, aptly captures the importance of getting from there to here, and the celebration of multiculturalism.


Images Courtesy Of Tom Arban Photography

Located in a condominium high-rise at 10 Bellair Street in the ritzy Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto, this elegant residence features a collage of exquisite materials including rich dark woods, veined marble and sleek glass pieces lit with LED lighting.

Artfully composed, the minimalist aesthetic reflects a bold and modern point of view. 



Images by Tom Arban Photography


In Chou’s desire to express the importance of the journey rather than the destination, he focused on elevating the transitional spaces.

Each transitional space is a thoughtful geometric collage that guides your passage through the space.

Strategically placed openings provide privacy while directing flow and capturing views.


Images by Tom Arban Photography


These spaces, while intentionally restrained, create celebratory moments focusing on sculpture, art and lighting, amplifying each piece to the exotic. 

The residents particular appreciation for the Far East can be seen in their decorative collection.


Images by Tom Arban Photography

Our journey - and the artifacts we collect embarking on it - represent exquisite moments of our lives.

In this elegant dwell, Chou successfully captures a couple's path from then, to now.

Check out more mesmerizing work "characterized by conceptual explorations of narrative, transformation and multiplicity" by Johnson Chou.


Researched and Written by Lydia Chan, Bachelor of Interior Design at Ryerson University

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