A Culinary Paradise From Canada Outdoor Kitchens In Calgary, Alberta

Are you one of the many Canadians who sees barbequing as a sad solo affair requiring the designated flipper to miss out on the party?

Let me introduce you to Canada Outdoor Kitchens, Western Canada's leading designer, builder, and supplier of outdoor cooking areas. Located, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Outdoor Kitchens is dedicated to transforming your boring backyard into an entertainment paradise! 

The owners, Ernie and Lesley Lussier, started the company in 2013 after discovering the limited professional help and quality products available for the design and installation of outdoor kitchens. By offering the highest quality outdoor cabinets and grills, consumers are able to design and customize their outdoor kitchen to fit their lifestyle, environment, and cooking preferences. 





Yes, my dear Canadians, this outdoor kitchen is not a dream (and no, this image was not secretly photographed in California). Advancements in design technology have allowed outdoor cooking spaces to shift from a luxury reserved for those lucky enough to live in a warmer climate to an accessible addition to any outdoor space.

Finally, Canadians can have their steak and grill it too...in any type of weather! 





Canada Outdoor Kitchens are fitted with Danver Stainless-Steel Cabinetry, one of the finest outdoor cabinetry products available in North America. Consumers are given complete design freedom to choose the colour and style of the cabinetry as each cabinet project is built to order. The sleek stainless-steel design ensures cabinets are able to withstand the elements without warping or cracking and the adjustable soft-closing drawers are perfect for keeping clutter in check. 

Customizable cabinets and large drawers offer ample space for all of your party essentials. With all of your kitchen gadgets at your fingertips, you'll spend more time relaxing with friends and less time running indoors madly looking for your favourite seasoning. 





There are endless additions that can be added to your outdoor kitchen, including slide-out spice racks, ice makers, warming drawers, pizza ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators

One edition that is almost guaranteed to upgrade your cooking status from ‘Barbeque Caveman’ to ‘King of the Grill’ this summer is the Caliber Pro Komando Charcoal Grill (seen above in red). Both elegant and functional, the Komando Grill is perfect for smoking, baking, grilling and roasting. 





Set the bar high this summer (pun intended) with sleek beverage chilling bins and adjustable bottle racks.





An outdoor kitchen can not only offer the same aesthetics and function as an indoor kitchen but may also provide the same opportunity for investment! In fact, installing an outdoor kitchen area can potentially increase the value of your home and may actually recoup as much investment as an indoor kitchen.





Ready to set the stage for entertaining and leave your neighbours drooling over your gorgeous new cooking space?

Head over to Canada Outdoor Kitchens for more outdoor kitchen design inspiration and detailed descriptions of superior outdoor cabinetry and grilling appliances!


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All photos courtesy of Canada Outdoor Kitchens



This article was researched and written by Sam Forsyth, Editing Student from George Brown College. Sociology graduate from Queens University.

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