Heidi Earnshaw Wood Furniture


'I am a maker.'

This is how Toronto based furniture design Heidi Earnshaw describes herself.

Working out of a shared wood shop in Toronto's west end, Heidi designs bespoke furniture pieces for residential and commercial clients.

Her pieces are characterized by a rustic appeal, coupled with a sleek feminine lines, and handmade with responsibly cultivated lumber.

Solid wood is the basis of her furniture while metals, plastics and other materials add design details. 

Her design continues on the long Canadian heritage of hand-made and well crafted wood furniture.  



Heidi describes her pieces as "slow furniture", focusing on the intimate relationship she has in crafting her personal work. The 'slowness' also reflects the longevity of the pieces she creates.

Timeless, durable and elegant, her Art is meant to be preserved and passed down for generations.

The furniture she produces not only represent a product, but the experiences and relationships between her craft and her client.


Heidi's furniture takes the tradition of Canadian heritage and brings her modern and sophisticated sensibility to her craft, carefully marrying process, materials and sentiment into her beautiful work.

This is Art at its finest.

You can view more of Heidi Earnshaw's work by clicking here.


Photos courtesy of Heidi Earnshaw


Researched and Written by Lydia Chan
Student of Interior Design - Ryerson University

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