Its Human Nature ... A Montreal Renovation

Naturehumaine, a Montreal based firm, completed this two-storey renovation of the lower levels of a 1920’s triplex in Boyer, Montreal. The 2008 project was designed for a young couple with a child.

Organized around a large red cube, denoting the stairs on the first floor, the living space is large and open. On the second level, the stair opens up to a “corridor of light that penetrates into the depths of the dwelling” including the master bedroom, work area and ample storage.


The use of colour in the space is refreshing, exciting and fun. The yellow tiles in the main bathroom brighten the bathroom while the vertical orientation of the tiles helps to open up the small space.


The bathroom tiles are not the only conscious application of the direction of materials. While looking at photos of the kitchen on the main level, I noticed the subtle change of the wood flooring beneath the dining table. Mimicking the counter and ceiling feature of the space, the direction of the flooring accentuates the red block at the core of the home.

We applaud the conscious use of material and colour to provide a fun, exciting space for the young family.

All photos: Courtesy of NatureHumaine

Check out their site by clicking --> NatureHumaine

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design - Ryerson University

Posted In: Quebec

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