A Modern Toronto Haven By Designer Johnson Chou

Elegantly veined marble kitchen counters, black wireframe chairs and a minimal geometric stairway as the centerpiece of this residence are only a few of the many things that speak to the modernity of this home.


Images Courtesy of Brenda Liu Via Johnson Chou


The modest exterior, brick siding and surrounding residences reflect a design language originating from the 1900s. This dwelling, revamped by Johnson Chou, seamlessly amalgamates the flavours and styles of both periods to create a unique concoction that embodies many of Canada’s signature values. Promoting modernity and progression, while preserving our heritage, this family residence celebrates an urban environment emblematic of Toronto.


Images Courtesy of Brenda Liu Via Johnson Chou


It is clear in the design of this home that the owners a modern urbanites. The sleek minimalist interior may solicit a cool impression at first, but on further inspection the peculiar angles and cozy nooks created by strategically placed openings and doorways infuse a warm and imaginative family haven.


Images Courtesy of Brenda Liu Via Johnson Chou


The playfulness of the home is expressed through the use of Trompe l’oeil (an art technique to create optical illusions). On the second floor Chou installs a glass panel under the wall mounted book shelf. This creates an illusion that the book shelves on the second floor extend beyond the boundaries of architecture and into the first floor.  Many of the spaces are separated by glass enclosures, which strike a balance between the need for privacy and the benefits of an open space plan.


Images Courtesy of Brenda Liu Via Johnson Chou


The openness of the home does not take away from the abundance of private spaces for children. Bay windows popping out of the children’s bed room provide private spaces to store trinkets and toys. A small chalkboard clad in the marble on the kitchen counter provides a space for private messages.


Images Courtesy of Brenda Liu Via Johnson Chou


The perfect union of heritage and modernity, nurturing family life and fast paced city living, this house is Canadian through and through.

Find out more about Johnson Chou's work here.


Researched and Written by Lydia Chan, Bachelor of Interior Design at Ryerson University 

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