StudioAC Infuses A NYC Vibe Inside A Toronto Residence

Between changes in school, work, and personal circumstances, relocation is a common scenario in our everyday lives. It’s usually a huge step and a drastic change in multiple ways, but the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be like that. In the heart of Toronto, Studio AC has recreated a New York City residence inside a local neighbourhood building. Located in Richview, the project was intended to remind the new owners of their home back in New York. Although the exterior was left untouched, the interior was entirely reconstructed to match their previous home. Through a combination of contemporary inspired features, which include wide wooden panels combined with white marble, the architects have created a classy finish inside theis 50-year old house 1.





As you enter the rectangular building, you instantly take note of the oak flooring and the grey and white tones of the furniture and walls. The cabinets are lined up in a linear arrangement, leading up to the kitchen which exposes a beautiful white marble island.  Who wouldn't want to spend their morning breakfasts in such an elegant space? I do!





The area transitions into a sunken living room which is subtly blocked off with a transparent glass panel 2. It consists of a dark metal fireplace and a large window that provides a great amount of natural light. The double levels between the two rooms create just the right amount of privacy and fluidity. Perfect for anyone who enjoys entertaining guests and hosting family dinners!





Let's move on to the more private space of the house - the second floor. A white Victorian style staircase leads to the upper level where you will find three spacious bedrooms with a master bedroom that includes a walk-in closet and a private ensuite 3.





The classy and modern style found on the first level is still prominently visible within the bathrooms, which consist of grey tiles on the walls, simplistic white features and subtle recessed lights. No doubt about it, this upscale design is definitely present throughout several of New York’s chic residences.





StudioAC has successfully produced a glimpse of New York's glamorous lifestyle within this Toronto dwelling. 

A residence is not a home until it feels like one, and for the new owners, this meant bringing some of their previous design elements into their new Richview home. I find it interesting that the architects integrated such modern elements, yet still managed to preserve traditional features such as the Victorian staircase. The consistent monochromatic colour scheme definitely helps tie everything together, creating luxurious and simplistic interior spaces. It goes to show how much of an impact design can have, as it can change the mood, provide comfort, and even make you feel like you are in an entirely different place altogether!


To learn more about their amazing projects, visit StudioAC.

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All photos courtesy of: Studio AC





Researched and written by Karolina Pisanko, Double Major in Architectural Studies, University of Toronto

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