The Blackhurst Renovation In Burlington Ontario By SMPL Design Studio

SMPL Design Studio - which is based in Hamilton, Ontario - specializes in functional, modern designs.

This 'Blackhurst Renovation' in Burlington, Ontario, is a prime example of the heights and depths of their creative force.



The house’s original trusses were incorporated into the renewal, adding texture to the ceiling. One could imagine that the thin, white beams, evoke the skeletal structure of a whale’s ribcage. If this homey interior is what the inside of a whale looks like, I’d say Pinocchio is going to be just fine.



The light fixtures in the entertainment zones are variations of glass bubbles which, along with the open riser stairs, infuse an airy minimalist aesthetic in this sleek, modern renovation. This stark simplicity, combined with the airy trusses and open space plan, imparts a sensation of flotation throughout the dwelling. 




Natural wood doors and floors ground the bright white interior.

In the lower level a wooden beam lends an earthy feel to the space, while the pale colour palette - and expansive windows - keeps this living environment from feeling claustrophobic.



The full-wall chalkboard is a unique engaging embellishment, which also personalizes this Home.




Want to see more? Here's the Blackhurst Renovation at SMPL Design Studio.


All photos credit to Workman Photography.

Researched and Written by Emily E.A. Stringer, Undergraduate of Sociology, and Geography: Environment & Sustainability, from the University of British Columbia.

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