Toronto’s MSDS Studio: A Dialogue Between Human And Building

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the up-and-coming design firm, MSDS Studio has the most unique acronym for their business name. Can you guess what it stands for?

It honestly and affectionately means: "Make-Shit-Design-Shit"! 

This local collective does excellent work with both engaging in and responding to contemporary culture. Their design forms are geometric and stylish, but still rounded enough to give off a soft vibe of comfort, and coziness.





Designing both furniture and interior spaces, the MSDS team must have a wide, contextual understanding of their client's needs and engagement with surrounding objects, spaces, and ultimately buildings. Thinking of how all those elements function together as an entire system helps to gain more insight into the design process.





One of my personal favourites is their Study Light, as seen above. This light is made of one continuous plastic form, structurally connecting the housing to the base, in an unconventional manner.  Referencing the form of the Anglepoise lamp, MSDS Studio put a great twist on this classic design icon, while doing so in an efficient way.





Besides functioning as individual pieces, these forms also speak to me as reminiscences of building structure, and architecture. Even aside from their conceptual nature, the spirit of some of their objects is unique, yet logical and structurally pragmatic, once again reminiscent of architecture.





In my opinion, the angles and proportions of the forms of their furniture items almost seem like the missing link between objects and buildings - which is what gives it the perfect platform to function as the 'user interface' of interior space.





I'm looking forward to seeing MSDS Studio grow and expand their work. Their pieces are a pristine example of how multi-disciplinary practices inform each other and develop into a broader way of viewing, thinking, and designing.

To see more of their great work, visit MSDS Studio.


Photography courtesy of MSDS Studio.


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Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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