Energy Efficient Contemporary Warburg, Alberta Home

The concept of a property being 'The Bigger the Better' has never seemed more dated than when presented with this iconic Alberta house.

Located in Warburg, Alberta, this testament to energy efficiency, architectural excellence and low cost was executed by Canadian design firm bioi for under $100,000.

Bioi exemplifies the growing trend that smaller is better. In an interview with Gizmag, principal architects Jordan Allen and Ryan Trefz are fans of downsizing and minimizing “non-inhabitable” and “redundant” spaces. Here they worked with their clients to articulate a vision for a simple, compact home that impeccably retains a sense of open space enhanced by the abundance of natural light which floods the interior.

Moreover, through their design they achieve an imperceptible break from the equally breathtaking natural landscape.


Photo: (on: Gizmag) by Alison Anderson

Photo: (on: Gizmag) by Alison Anderson


Photo: (on: Gizmag) by Alison Anderson

The contrast between the blue night sky and the magnificent structure gives this place a feeling of magic and irridescence, resulting in an evocative space that brings a poignant harmony between the built form and the natural environment.

It's compelling.

Photo: (on: Gizmag) by Alison Anderson

Photo: (on: Gizmag) courtesy of bioi

And how brilliantly efficient to contain the 'plumbing in a box'. Although the solution is simple and utilitarian, the result is high-design!

Photo: (on: Gizmag) courtesy of bioi

We LOVE the raw simplicity of this structure.

With its magnificent temple-like structure married with the austerity of wood, metal, glass and concrete, this space is nothing short of enlightening.

This is Canadian houseporn at its finest!

Researched and Written by: Julia Borowicz
Urban Studies and Human Geography
University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies


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