Eppich Studio By Nick Milkovich Architects In Vancouver, BC

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Milkovich


In British Columbia, where the milder warmer climate increases the connection between indoors and outdoors throughout most of the year, architecture can co-exist with the natural environment.

In the case of this studio, located in West Vancouver, Nick Milkovich Architects was able to incorporate the environment with good design, allowing the owner to embrace the outside everyday.


Photo Courtesy of Hiroko Kobayashi


Eppich Studio was built in response to the Eppich family’s desire to create a contemplative place, seamlessly integrated into a steep landscaped hillside. The location of the studio was discussed at an earlier stage with Arthur Erickson, who was the architect of the family's primary residence, built in 1988. Years later, Mr. Eppich approached Nick Milkovich, who was the associate-in-charge of the primary residence, to design his studio.


Photo Courtesy of Hiroko Kobayashi

Above, an open sitting room with an enchanting creek view is the ideal space for repose.

The client always enjoyed strolling around the long pond located at the base of the main residence, where he enjoyed seeing the reflection of his home in the water.

He desired a place where he could spend time enjoying the reflected view and the sound of the creek.



Photo Courtesy of Hiroko Kobayashi


Nick Milkovich designed the 650 square feet studio, locating it on the edge of the pond over the steeply descending slope where the sound of a cascading creek brooks. The building echoes forms of the main house and the natural surrounding landscape, where the landscaped roof, dark window frames, and stainless steel cladding contrast with the white steel structure of the main house. The studio successfully blends with the site and landscape.

Photo Courtesy of Nick Milkovich Studio


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Researched and Written by Silvialy Tjhin, Master of Architecture Candidate at University of Toronto

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