Maison Glissade, Ontario

A chic take on the traditional ski chalet, this Collingwood, Ontario property is a real sensation!

Located in one of Ontario’s most popular ski destinations, Maison Glissade is situated in a prime spot, almost right at the base of the ski run.

The architects, Robert Kastelic and Kelly Buffey of AKB Atelier Kastelic Buffey, envisioned the project’s structural aesthetic to mirror the kinetic energy of a skier propelled in a forward trajectory while simultaneously balancing the movement with rhythmic and solid elements. This is unquestionably impeccably accomplished!



The warm, heavy wood table serves as a nice counterpoint to the lightness and minimalism of the remainder of the décor.



The interior is beautifully minimal and intimate. Clean lines, sharp edges, and simple fixtures add to the clear elegance.



The stunning natural landscaping softens the angular structure of the house and adds to the intimacy of the space. One can almost feel the soft caress of the wind in the graceful motion of the surrounding landscape, beautifully captured in this still.

The entire composition, the interior, the exterior and the site itself, are magnificent!

Photos courtesy of Peter Sellar (Exterior Winter and Interior) Shai Gil (Exterior Summer)

Researched and Written by: Julia Borowicz
Urban Studies and Human Geography
University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

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