Meadow House, Caledon, Ontario

Located on 90-acres of beautiful rolling meadow in Caledon, Ontario, Ian MacDonald Architects preserved the historic settlements— farmhouse and barn— while erecting an upgraded sustainable family retreat.

Meadow House exhibits truly unique architectural practice and employs ingenious sustainable design strategies.


The project includes a watercourse that uses rainwater collected from the roofs of the new structure and the original barn, which flow into surrounding meadow through a series of streams and ponds.

This carefully implemented ecosystem has provided habitation for new plants, fish and birds to the site.

A scenic walking path between these two structures engages participation.



Expansive floor to ceiling glazing under a deep overhang provides passive solar heat gain seasonally, while bringing the magic of the landscape indoors.



The architects’ successful objective was to dramatically reduce the physical presence and environmental impact of the dwelling.

Accomplished by submerging the house into an earth berm encased in natural plantings, the property becomes part of the site's meadow.

We admire how it's captivating yet unobstrusive.



Sometimes the best architecture is that which defers to its natural setting, while retaining a point of view.

We applaud the humility in this design, and celebrate its ecologically minded cutting-edge design!

Architecture by Ian MacDonald Architect
Photographs courtesy of Tom Arban

Researched and Written by: Julia Borowicz
Urban Studies and Human Geography
University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

Posted In: Ontario

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