Reimagining the Cabin PART ONE

Photo: (on Ouno Design) by Nic Lehoux

As astutely remarked on Ouno Design the “cabin form is the vernacular architecture of British Columbia”. This architectural piece of art by Mark Osburn undeniably takes the cabin to a whole new plane. Architects Osburn/Clarke are known for their work in secluded and often harsh environments for human settlement. This particular cabin, one of a compound of four located on one of the Gulf Islands situated off the south-west coast of British Colombia, takes advantage of the warm, long, glorious summer days that are the envy of most Canadians.


Photo: (on Ouno Design) by Nic Lehoux

Both the interior and exterior design elements, from the bed throw to the Muskoka chairs, give it a quintessentially Canadian feel.

The solar panel roof powers a battery system which operates a low voltage LED lighting system. Water is collected from the roof, and during the offseason an exterior shutter system closes the cabin down from the elements.


Photo: (on Ouno Design) by Nic Lehoux


Wouldn't this be an amazing place to make S'mores around the fire? Are you not familiar with this sweet treat? Click HERE for a recipe on S’mores!


Photo: (on Ouno Design) by Nic Lehoux

This cabin seems to have it all. Well almost. Does it also come with a hot Canadian lumberjack?

We're admittedly obsessed with the lumberjack look. To read more about this Canadian style here's Lumberjack Chic in

Or for us more “visual” types check out these gorgeous men in plaid.

Is this the ultimate in We'd happily bunk here!

Architect: Mark Osburn of Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc.

Researched and Written by: Julia Borowicz
Urban Studies and Human Geography
University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

Posted In: British Columbia

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