Vertical Landscaping!

At the vanguard of green living and eco-design, vertical gardens, known as Green or Living Walls, are a budding trend. Such greening of space, either interior or exterior, is an unquestionably captivating and worthwhile landscaping endeavor.

Apart from the lush beauty that radiates from Green Walls, they're also beneficial on many levels. With our long harsh Canadian winters Green Walls filter the air in your home, reduce contaminants, and increase humidity in enclosed interiors. They can also reduce harmful Volatile Organic Compounds by up to 90 percent. Living Walls also provide economic benefits, including cooling indoor air through the process of transpiration during the warming months, and providing additional insulation and filtration during the colder months. This is simply the ingenuity of nature!

Here are some gorgeous examples of vertical gardens in two Vancouver residences.



Photos Courtesy of Green over Grey Featuring A Residence in Point Grey, Vancouver West 

Photo Courtesy of Green over Grey Featuring A Rooftop Terrace On Granville Island, Vancouver

This is a trend that is gaining much traction and it is one we couldn’t feel more exhilarated about. It’s quite a breath of fresh air!

For other Canadian companies that specialize in Green Walls check out:

Researched and Written by Julia Borowicz, Urban Studies and Human Geography, University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

Posted In: British Columbia

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