Welcome to HousePorn.ca

Welcome to HousePorn.ca

This site happened partly by intent, but mostly by accident.

A few years ago at a dinner party, my friends and I shared our growing propensity to surf the net for extended hours lost in the never ending click of possibilities. However, we weren't looking at cute babies or adorable animals. Nor were we sleuthing for sexy salacious videos of the human kind. Instead, our visceral wants, needs and desires were consumed for anything housing.

Yes, that night we collectively confessed to our obsession for House Porn.

As a lover of architecture, landscape, design, products and all things real estate - not to mention an extremely proud Canadian - I decided it was time to exclusively celebrate the unique point of view of this country and its citizens.

After all, the true north, strong and free, is brimming with jaw-dropping domiciles, breath-taking residential landscapes, dazzling interior design, Canuck-made products, and some stellar real estate for sale or lease.

Whether it’s quirky and clever, or the ultimate in luxe, this curated site is intended to showcase Canada's astounding diverse homegrown talent.

I'm Steven Fudge, a well-rounded, personable housing expert and purveyor of www.urbaneer.com, which is a sales and marketing division of Bosley Real Estate.

Not only is this site an extension of my personal fascination and exploration of the importance and meaning of Home in our contemporary culture, but it's also my mission to help steer young Canadians into fields they're passionate about, through ongoing research, writing, guidance and support. I invite Canadian Students from coast to coast to join my Paid Internship and Mentorship Program for those enrolled in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Housing Products, and Canadian History of Art & Architecture. Consider joining the Houseporn team and research and write stories on our country's domestic distinction!

If you are Canadian with a strong design sensibility, and you'd like to share your unique project, we'd love to hear from you. Or if you're anywhere in Canada looking for a Paid Internship, simply fill out the 'Contact Us' page so we can explore the possibilities, together.

Happy browsing!