Bensen Sets The Bar For Contemporary Canadian Furniture, Vancouver

Founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen, Vancouver-based Bensen specializes in the design and production of high-end contemporary furnishings. Bensen offers a full range of seating, sleeping, tables, storage and more.

Bensen represents the highest quality furniture available on the market and caters to Canadian and international consumers looking for luxury products. As a decorator, I really appreciate their pieces (and own a few myself). The clean lines and luxurious finishes make them so easy to incorporate into any décor scheme. In fact, I have placed Bensen pieces directly beside French antiques! I highly recommend checking out this company if you are looking for new furniture. Bensen is available through dealers across Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

Below, the Aura sofa is a soon-to-be modern classic and a very recent addition to the Bensen seating lineup. Here, it is shown in an eye-popping royal blue fabric (a selection of gorgeous fabrics and colours is available to suit any taste). The quality is evident from the way in which the upholstery is perfectly tailored over the down seat cushions which is undercut allowing space for feet. Available in a variety of fabrics.





The Everest upholstered bed is a masterpiece of design! Modern furniture designers are increasingly under pressure to provide stylish solutions for smaller spaces and the Everest bed accomplishes this task plus provides comfort in the way of a high headboard and a lower lumbar support wedge for sitting up and working or reading in bed. Everest serves triple duty by providing style, comfort and storage all at the same time. The mattress easily lifts to reveal a storage compartment fit for a Queen (literally, as the bed comes with a queen sized mattress).





The brilliant use of both mirrors and glass in the Reflect table, shown below, will have your guests buzzing long after the party is over. For full visual impact, place objects on the top and on the mirrored bottom panel for an "interesting sculptural and visual effect", as stated on the Bensen website.





The Format storage collection offers a visual treat and a practical solution in any room or environment. The variety of configurations available make these storage units ideal in a large or small space as a bookcase or for displaying precious items. Adding storage boxes to Format's cubby spaces would also add colour, interest and intrigue to the shelving configuration. As with all Bensen products, materials used are of premium quality. "Solid aluminum bars reinforce each shelf and contain a series of holes to secure the dividers wherever desired", as stated on Bensen's website. Offered in White Oak and American Walnut veneers as well as White and Charcoal matt lacquer finishes





Lean is a full-length floating mirror that can be placed in a bedroom, hallway or living area. Like all of Bensen's products, it serves a utilitarian purpose but also enhances the surrounding décor by providing a fresh take on a standard piece. What makes the Lean mirror so special is the thick wood frame surrounds on the sides only allowing the simplicity of the mirror to reveal itself and then, on the bottom, there is a substantial wood base that holds the mirror away from the floor. Simplicity in this form is unquestionably modern and elegant.





Are you curious to see where the magic happens? In Bensen's downtown Vancouver factory which is 55,000 square feet! This is where everything is done, from design conception to the manufacture of wood and upholstery lines.





To learn more about the firm's projects and products, visit Bensen.


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All photos courtesy of Bensen.
Researched and written by Namrita Kohli, student in the Interior Decorating Certificate Program, George Brown College.

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