Canadiano: A Toronto-Born Coffee Innovation

Walking home one day,  I came across a quote painted on a brick wall: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris, The Beauty of Life, 1880.

Almost 140 years later, those words stayed on my mind for weeks: Can I follow this way of life? Do I already? Is ‘useful’ and ‘beautiful’ more often mutually exclusive than not?





Canadiano, from Toronto architect and designer Mani Mani of Fishtnk Design Factory, effortlessly checks both those boxes. A Canadiano is a sleek and fuss-free pour-over method of brewing coffee, in a block of FSC certified Canadian wood. Not only is it useful and beautiful, but it’s also hand-crafted in Canada, it eliminates the need for paper filters and replaceable parts (thereby producing zero waste), and comes with a lifetime warranty.



All images above courtesy of Canadiano



The highest grade of FSC certified Ontario Maple, Birch, Walnut, Cherry and Oak wood is selected to craft each Canadiano, which is then sealed with natural nut oils. With each use, every cup of Canadiano-made coffee will imprint on the wooden piece, and over time the wood will be seasoned by the coffee oils of your preferred beans and roast, thus becoming part of your morning java ritual.





The Canadiano is fitted with an ultra-fine medical-grade stainless-steel filter, and various types of wood are matched to different beans and roasts around the world. Beans from South East Asia that yield darker roasts with earthier flavours pair well with the Walnut and White Oak edition, whereas the Canadian White Ash and Cherry editions are perfect for coffee beans that have slight citrus hints and a nutty, floral taste and aroma.



All images above courtesy of Mokaclube



With the resurgence of the slow movement and the burgeoning mentality that life must be savoured and enjoyed in the midst of the Great Rat Race, especially in North American culture, I for one welcome a product that encourages turning an everyday routine into an art form, not to mention lowering our environmental impact. Fishtnk’s Canadiano does us Canadians proud, and if William Morris were still alive today, I’d dare say he’d agree.


Read more about Canadiano, and check out the rest of the impressive portfolio at Fishtnk Design Factory.

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Researched and Written by Charmaine Cheng, Architectural Technology, Centennial College

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