Contemporary Canadian Furnishings By Toronto’s Hollis+Morris

Hollis+Morris, led by Mischa Couvrette, produces simple, elegant furnishings and lighting. Based in Toronto, the studio is named after the Halifax intersection where the designer once lived.

The pieces bring together hardwoods and metal components to create pieces that are both lasting and refined.





The "Old Town" stool combines two conical forms in counter-balanced perfection. Available in a variety of finishes, the simple shape reveals the patterns of the grain of the laminated planks that comprise the piece.





The "Bellwoods Clothes-Stand" is a nature inspired piece highlighted by a metal core. Managing to be whimsical without crossing the line into kitsch, it’s available in both children’s and grown up sizes. 





While one on it’s own makes an artful addition to an entrance way, they also look great grouped in little forests, as they were in the 2014 design week installation at Ella+Elliot, which won the studio a Designlines Loves Award.





"The Bennington Pendant" is another clever creation, and is about as minimal as it comes. A solid wood cylinder houses high efficiency LEDs emitting 3000K light (that’s just slightly cooler in colour than a traditional incandescent bulb). Powder-coated steel ends cap off the suspended piece. The result? Clean and simple, yet so eye-catching!





Although it’s a young studio - founded in 2014 - Couvrette seems to have found an aesthetic that’s resonating with the media and his buyers. Hollis+Morris has made some serious strides since launching the collection at IDS’s Studio North last year. Production of components is outsourced to various local wood and metal shops, and assembly happens in the Hollis+Morris’s Junction studio. 

While there’s no shortage of Canadian designers producing great work, we still seem to lack the cohesive design identity of countries like Denmark and Italy. Combining modern and minimal aesthetics, with an approach to materiality that feels timeless and lasting, Hollis+Morris is striking the nail on the head when it comes to crafting contemporary Canadian home furnishings.

To learn more, or to view their outstanding collection, visit Hollis+Morris

All images courtesy of Hollis+Morris


This article was researched and written by Miranda Corcoran, an Industrial Design and Digital Media student at OCAD University.

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