Fiberglass Design By Cascadia Windows In British Columbia

Based out of Langley, British Columbia, Cascadia Windows is an impressive Canadian company that creates windows, doors, and cladding support systems, all made of fiberglass.



Fiberglass is an eco-friendly choice, being both energy and resource efficient. This material is durable and has a long life cycle of 50 years or more, resulting in less waste. Non-toxic materials are also used in building the frames.



Did you know that using fiberglass can help reduce energy consumption? Cascadia’s products carry this mission through using proper insulation, and energy-efficient glazing, along with producing fiberglass frames that hold heat well and do so more effectively than other materials. When compared to aluminum frames, they provide about double (or more) the thermal performance.

This makes Cascadia's windows perfectly suitable for our cold Canadian winters! If that didn’t convince you, these window and door units are also able to withstand extreme weather, UV damage, mildew, and they won’t corrode or rot.



The Cascadia Universal Series is the newest addition to the company’s product line, and it has already won the 2018 Green Building Product of the Year Award from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). This is the first product line of its type to be manufactured in Canada.

The Universal Series was created in 2016 to offer unparalleled energy efficient windows and doors, which provide the following benefits:

  1. increased thermal performance
  2. the ability to handle high wind and extreme temperature
  3. impressive resistance to condensation
  4. as well as ideal production costs 

Think of this series as a much-improved version of Cascadia’s classic products!



In terms of home design, windows and doors can have a dramatic effect on a living space. Personally, I love a nice open concept that lets a lot of light into the room, especially one which is complemented by a gorgeous view. Much of the residential work that Cascadia Windows has done with their fiberglass really embodies this.

Cascadia Windows' fiberglass can be used to create a picturesque, Canadian cottage-style look, much like this home:



These windows have the ability to make you feel like you’re immersed in the beauty of Canadian nature without stepping foot outside. Imagine having this beautiful view!



You could also get creative and incorporate Cascadia fiberglass as part of your interior design, much like this wine room:



Not only does Cascadia Windows provide a sustainable product, but they also promise amazing quality. Their resume is impressive, and they continue to find ways to improve efficiency and innovation. This Canadian company should keep doing what they're doing - because it's working! I think that by making their ecological footprint a top priority, Cascadia Windows is setting a great example.

Visit Cascadia Windows & Doors to learn more.


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All photos courtesy of Cascadia Windows.

Researched and Written by Kara Scerri, Graduate from York University, and Sheridan College, Ontario

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