Knock! Knock! Sculpted Doors


As the proprietor of, my learning curve about the different products and custom designs available in Canada has been vertical as of late.

I underestimated how rich in talent Canada is. We're a creative brilliant bunch of Canucks!



Case in point, last week Troy Seidman of Caviar20, showed me a line of extraordinary just released custom made-to-measure doors by Scott Eunson and Francoise Turner-Larcade.

Comprised of high-grade wood veneers or even Corian, the panels are sculpted into any variety of distinctive custom patterns. By carving different depths and shapes into the veneers, a layered tapestry is revealed.



The look is organic, muted, and utterly mesmerizing.

For those who want to make a great unique first impression, a front door like this becomes a statement piece.

For more information, check out the Roseland Gallery!


~ Steven Fudge proprietor or and

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