Kozai Modern Furniture Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

Kozai Modern is a high end furniture gallery located in Vancouver that offers an exclusive, small collection of west coast studio furniture from local artisans. The collection of furniture and lighting includes designers such as our previously featured Peter Pierobon.

Arnt Arntzen is another of the carefully selected designers by the team at Kozai Modern for his unique works of furniture. Arntzen, an established west coast designer, creates pieces with a distinct character to them by combining salvaged wood and found airplane parts. Below is an amazing short video of Arntzen working in his shop and discussing his process, but be sure to check out his collection at Kozai Modern.

The Kozai Modern gallery also proudly offers a great collection of young up and coming west coast designers, providing a platform for these new and emerging artisans. One such designer duo that caught my eye was the pairing of Japan born Seiji & Himali Kuwabara. Check out their ZAN Dining Table below!

Photo: Courtesy of Kozai Modern

For the home owner who covets special, be sure to check out the rest that Kozai Modern has to offer!
And check out our previous feature on Kozai Modern designer Peter Pierobon here.

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design - Ryerson University

Posted In: British Columbia

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