Nomad Micro Homes: Less Is More… Or Is It?

Is your house too big?

Worry no more, because salvation has arrived!

We present to you: Nomad Micro Homes. With prices starting at $28,000, they are cheaper than a car, and they could be a solution for living in expensive cities as well as the northern territories.


Exterior design (Image provided by Nomad Micro Homes)


These little houses are the brain child of Ian Kent; an architect from Vancouver. From the exterior it looks just like a garden shed, while the interior is high design. Better still, it's energy efficient and affordable.

Just 100 square feet in size, it provides all the comforts a more conventional home would provide. Plus there are some pretty nifty options including a water generation plant, a solar power system, and a sewer treatment plant to reduce your carbon footprint.

In fact, you could live off the grid. 

Most eye-catching are the stairs, which are fully integrated with the kitchen, making Steve Jobs’ rotating glass staircase look old fashioned.


Living room and kitchen (Image provided by Nomad Micro Homes)

Bedroom (Image provided by Nomad Micro Homes)

These dwellings can serve a segment of the market that may currently be denied home ownership. Their modest size makes them affordable, and transportable, which are two factors not typically associated with Canadian housing.


 (Photo provided by Nomad Micro Homes)

One challenge? You have to build them yourself.

For those who don't own any tools, one significant drawback is that you have to assemble the house kit yourself.

Furthermore, they're tiny, so if you’re thinking of sharing the space with one or more, this might be cramped quarters.

And while the video boasts of the lightness of the structure (reducing transportation costs) and allegedly hardly touches the ground, you might want to attach an anchor if your property is prone to high winds.

Want to learn more? To get a better idea of the floor plans and pricing, check out Nomad Micro Homes.

Researched and Written by Jan van Deursen Recent MSc graduate in Urban Geography and Housing at the University of Amsterdam.

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