Shelter Bay Goods In Toronto, Ontario

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, the design studio Shelter Bay Goods takes a unique approach to light fixtures which are also refreshingly affordable.



Co-founded in 2015 by Rob Southcott and Sarah Cooper, the two drew their inspiration from their experiences in product design, interior design, art, and fashion. They wanted to use Shelter Bay Goods to create timeless pieces for the home.



Rob graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design, specializing in industrial design. From there, he founded Rob Southcott Studio Works in 2006 and exhibited his work across the globe. He has also collaborated on products for companies like Anthropologie, Umbra, and more. His work can also be seen at the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as a permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Sarah brought different skills to the creation of Shelter Bay Goods. With a background in fashion buying and manufacturing, she has also done product collaborations with companies like Anthropologie, JCrew, and more. One of her goals includes bringing the brand’s original and artsy designs to life while still keeping products accessible for people to purchase.

Shelter Bay’s original product release was a special lighting collection called Union, each composed of seven interchangeable, hand-welded steel pieces. This collection is still the company's key-feature and it certainly sets Shelter Bay apart from other companies.


The Union Collection offers 8 modular shapes in 5 beautiful finishes, as well as three cord colours to select from, creating hundreds of possible combinations. This allows you to play with different types of form and colour while customizing each light perfectly for your home.

The prices for the components of these lights begin at only $70, while the prices for “combos", such as a shade and cage combo, is priced at an affordable $228. Considering the quality and personalization you’re getting, I think these pieces are great valuel!



Shelter Bay has added a few other products to their roster such as the Luxe Design Puzzle and the Love Design Mobile, however, the company’s main focus is still on their light fixtures.

The Luxe Design Puzzle would be a fun piece to add to the home as well - it's made of electroplated steel and mixed metals. It looks abstract and modern, and I think it would be great resting in the living room, perhaps as decoration on a side table or the coffee table for when you have visitors!



I think it’s really fascinating how Rob’s background in industrial design is noticeable in Shelter Bay’s fixtures. The vibe of these lights is entirely modern and reflects the busy city life of Toronto as well. Think of all the skyscrapers and condos in downtown Toronto, which only keep building up! The industrial vibe of these products reflects the "concrete jungle" personality of the city, in my opinion.

My personal favourite colour choice is the copper. I can picture one of these lighting fixtures hanging in a newly decorated kitchen. I also think that the pearl black colour would be a great addition that would match any room in the house.



Although this Toronto-based company is still new on the scene, they are worth keeping on your radar. Shelter Bay Goods crafts an ultra-cool product while leaving space for customer creativity in the design. The best part? With Shelter Bay’s light fixtures, you can own a custom made, well-constructed, conversation piece for the home without being intimidated by the price tag.  

I’m a definitely a fan of their funky light fixtures and can't wait to go buy my own pieces!


To learn more about the brand and shop their products, visit Shelter Bay Goods


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All photos courtesy of Shelter Bay Goods & Shelter Bay's Instagram account.

Researched and Written by Kara Scerri, Graduate from York University, and Sheridan College, Ontario

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