The Pipeline Series By Vancouver’s ANDlight

Founded in 2013, ANDlight is a Vancouver-based lighting company with a focus on designing solutions that are forward thinking, environmentally conscious, and locally produced - without compromising on aesthetics. The studio brings together the diverse strengths of directors Lukas Peet, Caine Heintzman, and Matt Davis, articulating these in a cohesive collection that now spans over 70 SKUs.





One of the designs that have been a part of ANDlight’s repertoire from the beginning is the Pipeline Series, originally designed by Caine Heintzman in 2012. The pendant fixtures each feature a linear strip of LEDs softly diffused by a strip of acrylic and embedded in an aluminum housing. The fixtures are available in 125cm and 40cm lengths and several finishes.

Intended to be as versatile as possible whether for workspaces and retail applications or hospitality and home use, the fixtures also come in two colours of light: at 4100K a cold white light typical of the fluorescent tubes they’re reminiscent of, or 2700K the same warmer glow as a standard incandescent - perfect for home use.

If these numbers seem flipped to you, that's because the “correlated colour temperature” of light is indicated as a representation of the temperature you’d need to heat a black body radiator - like a piece of steel - for it to emit light in that portion of the spectrum.




What makes these pieces truly versatile though is not just options of size, finish, or the colour of the light itself, but the 90-degree elbows that complement them. Whether used individually or doubled up, these components provide a flexibility to the otherwise simple fixtures, allowing for a myriad of configurations.





A rectangular configuration can help define a dining space or seating area.




Long, linear runs at varying heights can blend seamlessly into a space.




On the other hand, several fixtures grouped together can add a gestural element with a sculptural appeal.

The modular nature of the system also means that pieces can be regrouped and repurposed for different rooms if you move to a new home or just want to change up your space. The Pipeline is a design that successfully balances a variety of considerations not only from a technical and environmental standpoint but also from the user's standpoint.

See more examples of how this west coast design studio blends simplicity and versatility with just a bit of whimsy, in ANDlights Product Catalogue.

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This article was written and researched by Miranda Corcoran, a product designer based in Toronto who recently completed studies at OCAD University.


*All Images courtesy of ANDlight

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