Toronto’s ‘Hi Thanks Bye’ Studio Reinvents The Chinese Garden

Based out of Toronto, OntarioHi Thanks Bye Studio is a unique and modern design studio like no other. Their latest collection entitled "Collection 0" is inspired by traditional Eastern garden aesthetics, as well as Canadian natural wildlife.

I find their incredible "Collection 0" is thought-provoking. Its visibly reminiscent of its cultural roots, yet identifies as modern. By stripping down the form to an essence of its predecessor, this collection cleverly conveys its history and acts as a remarkable example of 'old-meets-new'. 

The  "Collection 0" is comprised of a shelf divider, dining chair, floor lamp, side table, bar stool, and a small decorative area rug. The six-piece set is visually tied together with simplistic matching elements of flat surfaces and linear, circular tubing for structure.





The stark contrast between the broad surfaces and the rigid linear structure makes for a very visually engaging composition. In the delicate game of balancing shape and form, the RO chair, in particular, caught my attention. I was charmed how through a clever placement of elements, a simple circular metal tubing can produce such beautiful and elegant details.





The shoulder of the piece stands just a few inches proud of the horizontal back piece, followed by a single step down at the end of the armrest. 





The width of the lateral support is just wide enough to provide sufficient spacing between the shoulders, and the main back piece comprised of a perfect circle. 





One of my favourite things about the collection is its use of visual language. The designers of "Hi Thanks Bye" Studio managed to dissect and extract the stylistic nature of the traditional Eastern design, and reinvent it using a modern visual language.

The inspiration behind the sculptural collection is the aesthetic of the Chinese garden, an ancient garden style designed for meditation as well as luxury. The philosophy of the Chinese garden involves idealistic and three-dimensional spaces and forms that encourage feelings of delight and harmony. As such, the nature of the proportions must be as perfectly pleasing to the eye as possible - something the "Collection 0" has achieved, in my opinion. Conceptually, formally, and materially, the "Collection 0" is a spirit child of the ancient Eastern tradition, in the form of a 21st-century iteration. 





The attention to detail and proportion in these pieces are not unnoticed. This collection is a great example of interior decor that is subtle and non-intrusive, being able to blend into a room environment seamlessly. Yet at the same time, the furniture makes for an eye-catching centrepiece that would enrich any room.


You can check out the rest of their work here

Photography courtesy of Hi Thanks Bye Studio. 


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Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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