Vancouver’s MTH Woodworks Brings The Great Canadian Outdoors Inside

As Canadians, we often take pride in being in tune with our natural surroundings.

MTH Woodworks takes this one step further, bringing our Great Canadian Outdoors into the home with their collection of furnishings.



Photo courtesy of MTH Woodworks



MTH Woodworks - spearheaded by craftsman Michael Thomas Host and located in Vancouver BC - are renown for their iconic tree-trunk coffee and side tables. Each one-of-a-kind piece - salvaged by Host himself - is cast with a solid resin made from organic materials that include soybeans and peanuts.  The results are unique home furnishing pieces more akin to 'art with utility' which, amazingly, are resistant to heat, stains, molds and mildew.


Photo courtesy of MTH Woodworks

Photo courtesy of MTH Woodworks


Michael, who comes from a family of foresters, and trained for several years as a yacht builder, eventually found his very own studio where he cultivated his artistic flair. Together, along with the collection of organic tables, the firm offers a range of other products, including headboards, wall art, cabinets, consoles and even culinary boards.


Photo courtesy of MTH Woodworks



Sitting at the crossroads of biotic and industrial, this enterprise is creating some amazingly distinctive Canadian pieces.

Check out more the rest of the impressive portfolio at MTH Woodworks.


Researched and Written by Charmaine Cheng, Architectural Technology, Centennial College

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