A Luxe Sporty Rental In Toronto’s Bridle Path ‘Hood


When viewed from the main drive, 83 The Bridle Path – just one stop on the street’s multimillion dollar line up of luxurious homes - appears is a bit drab; the 2-storey, predominantly grey, blocky structure feels more reminiscent of, say, the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, than an upscale executive rental in the heart of Toronto. But as you circle the building, the wealth of windows and unique use of shape and volume confirms that this is smart modern design through and through.



The interior doesn’t pull any punches. Unlike the unassuming exterior, the floor plan, quality of finishes, and attention to detail immediately peg this space as sleek and chic. Perfect for entertaining, this 18,000 square foot home offers various sitting and dining areas that would keep the feeling intimate when hosting large numbers of people.  Plus, the bedrooms – with impressive ensuite baths! - are set apart from the principal rooms, so you don’t have to worry about guests stumbling into private areas.



And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that this 5 bedroom, 10 bathroom home is an entertainer’s absolute dream, keep exploring! Once you discover the swimming pool and indoor basketball court, the $49,000 monthly rental price begins to make sense. Throw in the outdoor tennis court, and we’re almost sold!





Offering little privacy, but plenty of sunlight, walls upon walls of glass – and a collection of well-placed skylights – curate a bright, airy atmosphere. The furnishing  - which come with the rental – strike a unique balance somewhere between ‘warm, comfy’ and ‘cool, minimalistic’; I expect while the modern manse won’t have you feeling like curling up under an afghan to read, but definitely ‘at home’ enough to enjoy the experience – ideally with a convoy of friends or family!




Since serving as the “House of Tings” for an NBA All-Star party (attended by Drake and LeBron James) among various other upscale gatherings, it was bought by the current owners, with the intention of renting it out as a luxe residence. Needing minimal updates, they’ve redone all the paint, installed a commercial kitchen hood, installed frosted glass, and upgraded the bathrooms.

(Perhaps when Drake was there, he checked in on his new mansion - still under construction - home, two streets away at 21 Park Lane Circle! That's roughly 400 metres north of Conrad Black’s estate)

Although price increases over the past few years are making investing in Toronto real estate challenging, a luxury property like this – if it acquires regular tenants – could quite quickly evaporate it’s own mortgage. But tenants have been a bit of an issue thus far; originally asking $55,000 per month, a limited interest has caused the owners to revise their expectations to $49,000 monthly. With such an impressive property, it will be worth their while to wait for the right tenant, which we would suggest is a professional basketball player or entertainer who loves the sport - the basketball court is too expensive of an amenity for someone who won't use it.



If you had bottomless pockets, what would you be willing to pay to rent a home with these dreamy specs?

• 18,000 square feet
• 18 parking spots
• 10 bathrooms
• 5 bedrooms
• 2-acre lot
• 1 indoor pool
• 1 basketball court
• 1 outdoor tennis court

It’s fun to dream!


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~ Posted by Steven Fudge, purveyor of houseporn.ca and proprietor of urbaneer.com


*All photos were taken by The Print Market, were featured in Toronto Life, and are property of Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage.

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