Hockey King’s Castle For Sale In Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

If you asked any Canadian to name ten of our country's most beloved icons, chances are, hockey legend Mario Lemieux would be seated high on the list. An Officer of the Order Of Canada, Hockey Hall-Of-Famer, philanthropist, cancer survivor, and revered athlete with five Stanley Cup wins under his belt (two as a player, and three more as a team owner), Lemieux has made a career of setting records and then breaking them - both on and off the ice. And as of now he can claim yet another record, this time in the arena of Canadian real estate!



The castle-like chalet that Lemieux and his family have enjoyed as a vacation home for the past 6 years was just brought to market for a substantial CDN $21,999,066, making it the most expensive single-family home ever posted for sale in Mont-Tremblant, and one of the highest priced properties currently on the market in the province of Quebec! I love that the last two digits in the list price are a nod to the jersey number he made famous! If you're going to set the bar, you might as well have a little fun with it!



Dubbed the 'Château Fleur de Lys', this sprawling 50-room residence was built in 2012 in the European craftsmen style - designed by architect Rémi Fortier - and is said to have been partly inspired by Quebec City’s Château Frontenac! Architecturally speaking, it's components are very impressive; the exterior facade features stones from Lake Champlain, and is topped with a split pine and copper roof. Inside, you'll find European oak floors underfoot, and 12-foot cathedral ceilings overhead. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the fixtures and fittings are custom-made, but I was fascinated to learn that the antique columns were imported from an 1800s Indian Castle! It doesn't get more "custom" than that! 

Take a look at the inside!


Check out that wood fired pizza oven!!



Can you believe this palatial property is not even Lemieux's primary residence?! It was only while on vacation that he, his wife, and his four children made use of the chateau's 8 bedrooms (all with a panoramic view of Lac Tremblant), 3 kitchens (one of which is simply the "Pizza Kitchen"), 4.5 dining rooms, 9 bathrooms, 17 fireplaces, and, bizarrely, 5 washer/dryer suites. No wonder the indoor living space totals 17,000 square feet! And that figure doesn't include the 2bed guest house, the generous decks and terraces, 4.5 garages, the pool, the tennis court, or the expansive gardens!



Feeling warm and tingly?! We haven't even mentioned the Ski/Sports room, wine cellar, home theatre, gym, spa, vichy shower room, walk-in fridge, and ELEVATOR!



This is a stunning property, but I'm not too green with envy over this one; if anyone has led a life deserving of this kind of luxurious retirement, it's Lemieux. His unforgettable hockey career, his battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma and subsequent comeback, his philanthropic endeavours... need I go on? Lemieux has become an inspiration to millions of Canadians.... who could begrudge him a walk-in refrigerator room or two?! I wonder why his family has decided to give it up? The listing broker, Michel Naud of Engel & Völkers, conveyed that no explanation is available.

(Did you know the Mario Lemieux Foundation has raised $25M for cancer research and patient care?)

Regardless, this will be a monumental acquisition for one very lucky, very affluent buyer, who can look forward to living the good life, nextdoor to the highest-ranked ski resort in East North America! But first they'll have to "qualify" to view the property, according to the listing. Security is extremely tight, so Lookie Loos can forget about popping in for a peek Lemieux's memorabelia and a slice of wood-fired pizza. :)


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*The particulars of this story were sourced from Engel & Völkers, and articles by the Globe and Mail and Architectural Digest.

*All photos appear here courtesy of Architectural Digest and the Montreal Gazette.

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