Eppich House 2 By Architect Arthur Erickson Is For Sale In Vancouver, B.C.

If you appreciate curves, views and the unique, this is the home for you! Eppich House 2 tells the story - through the creative manipulation of metal and glass -  how a unique collaboration with dream clients resulted in one of the most striking residences in B.C.

Nestled on a 51,000 square foot lot in West Vancouver, B.C., Eppich 2 House was originally built in 1979 for Helmut Eppich, his wife Brigitte, and their three children. Helmut's brother, Hugo, had commissioned his own house a decade earlier - all concrete - and given how pleased he was with the result, Helmut decided to use the same designer. Renowned as Canada's preeminent architect, the late Arthur Erickson - based in Vancouver - was pleased to take on the task. In fact, he later called it one of his "most mature, most complete works."



The Eppich brothers emigrated from Germany to Canada in 1953, and a few years later founded Ecco Industries Ltd, based primarily in Richmond. The diversified firm is primairly a metal fabricator that, at its height, encompassed over 20 subsidiaries, and which today employs more than 200 employees. Helmut had the idea that he could save a significant amount of money if his company could do most of the assembly and labour for his new home. Though it was extremely time consuming, Ecco ended up completing all the steel fabrication and electroplating on their own; which meant significant cost reductions for Helmut and allowed him to retain tight-fisted quality control over the process from start to finish.



The finished product encompasses about 7,000 feet of living space spread over 3 levels, which are set at right angles to the slope of the property. There are four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a recreation room, solarium, and a flex room, with the spaces for the children and parents located on different levels to provide separation. How neat would it be - as a kid - to have an entire level to yourself!?

All the glass (including the glass block walls) let in so much light, that very few electric lights are needed during daylight (Hello, hydro savings!). The glass facades also encourage an intimate relationship between residents, and the trees, vegetation, and water surrounding the home. To use a tired but apt cliche, it "brings the outside, in." With this design, Erickson ensured the natural landscape was very much a part of the day-to-day experience of living here.

Here's one of the many lounges, the dining area, and the kitchen:



A standing ovation from me to Ecco, who fabricated most of the home’s stylish furniture including the living room tables, dining tables, desks, and chairs. The furniture is - thank goodness - included in the sale; the shapes and finishes are so well matched to the home - designed by Erickson himself - that it works together as a cohesive whole.

Here's the sunny Master bedroom, the Master bath (with phenomenal curved mirrors that reflect the shape of the house), the family room (which leads to the hot tub and pool), the office, and the "flex room":



Design magazine 'Wallpaper' called Eppich House 2 a "mindbending modernist treasure" which I think is very apt!! Eppich House 2 is  “a jewel of a residence that is both time capsule and design beacon.” -Wallpaper

Speaking to the idea of a home as a time capsule, even the Heritage Vancouver Society claims Eppich House 2 and it's 70s aesthetic has great cultural significance, especially since Arthur Erickson was Canada's most well-known architect for many years. It truly is one of his greatest works! Unfortunately, Canada lost one of its greatest creative minds on May 20, 2009. Erickson had lived for decades in Point Grey with his life partner and interior design collaborator, Francisco Kripacz.

Here's a discussion and home tour of the residence from an HGTV program!



After residing here for 30 years, the Sellers decided it's getting a bit big for them. Now in their 80s, Helmut and Brigitte have offered the property for sale for $16.8M!

If you're a Torontontonian, you may be familiar with one of Erickson's more well-known work: Roy Thompson Hall on King Street West!



Cheers to a fabulous Canadian architect and his truly epic work for Eppich House 2, and Canada!


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