A Sky-High Penthouse In The Four Seasons Toronto For $36,000,000

Dig between the couch cushions, scrape the bottom of your purse, and clean out your car cupholders.. Because a penthouse just came on the market at the Four Seasons, and if you can cough up $36M, it's yours!



This 9,000-square-foot home in the sky at 50 Yorkville Avenue offers almost every amenity you could think of (as it should, at about $4,000 about square foot), but the real show-stopper are the 360-degree panoramic views of the city - simply stunning! Imagine what it would be like to look out your windows, 56 floors in the air, and see nothing but blue sky and clouds!



We love the stories behind properties - those 'if the walls could talk'-type tales. And while such history is often tied to older properties, even something as new as this penthouse has already developed an intriguing back story. Originally, the suite was bought from the developer in 2011 for about $26M, but it was devoid of furnishings. The buyers, a Finnish business man, Robert Oesterlund, and his wife, Sarah Pursglove, then embarked on a 3-year interior renovation and design venture to furnish the space. But they never got to live in it together.



In 2014, Sarah announced that Robert was having an affair, which marked the beginning of epic divorce proceedings, that were chronicled in the New York Times, and include such highlights as his $400M fortune disappearing into a behemoth of an offshore financial network. Crazy, eh?



And while the story has yet to find an ending, word is that Sarah is now living in the penthouse with their two daughters, but with her financial future uncertain, she has put it up for sale. The real estate gem immediately garnered world-wide media attention including Toronto outlets City News and the Toronto Star

The listing agent testifies to it's opulence, stating that there are no parameters for judging this kind of property in Toronto: "There are no comparables".



The interior was designed by Bill Mockler. Some of the key features include a sauna with skyline views, a grand dining room, and all-wood study with floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves.



It's not unusual for a penthouse to have four bedrooms, but how about a Master Suite with it's own sitting room, sun room, terrace, TWO full baths, and TWO walk-in closets! This gives a whole new meaning to 'His-and-Hers'! Take a look:





For one lucky (but soon-to-be cash-poor) Buyer, these ethereal views will become a reality!

Can you imagine living here? More importantly, can you imagine having that kind of money?! If anyone knows any single Finnish entrepreneurs...


Posted By Steven Fudge, the mentor/purveyor of houseporn.ca and the proprietor of urbaneer.com


*All images courtesy of Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited.

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