A Creemore Ontario Farm By PLANT Architect Inc

Perched amidst expansive fields, about 130 kilometers north of Toronto, rests the silhouette of a traditional farmhouse with a contemporary twist!

Located in Creemore - Simcoe County Ontario - this property is surrounded by gentle slopes and a small pond.





The farmhouse naturally eases into a new modern two story addition that offers panoramic vistas of nature. This addition, designed by Toronto’s PLANT Architect Inc, houses a vestibule, powder room, kitchen, and sitting area on the ground floor, with a new staircase to the second floor that connects to the master suite. The 85 square metre addition repurposes the space plan to embrace the natural surroundings and create a living environment which feels larger than it is. The open concept sitting area and kitchen face southeast, while on the side attached to the existing home, the powder room and vestibule are neatly tucked across the new staircase.






This simple tower stands tall, taking in the valley and the sky as the entire house overlooks rolling hills. Together with the tower and the farmhouse, its silhouette echoes the look of a traditional barn and silo despite its contemporary expression. The modern addition, a contrasting architectural style to its counterpart, complement the traditional farmhouse with no overpowering design elements. Instead, the height of the tower balances with the existing peak of the traditional gable roof and the new windows are within the same proportions as the existing.





Corner floor-to-ceiling windows oriented to the southeast are shaded by an overhang, while illuminating the open living room and kitchen. A deck extends from this same face overlooking a tranquil pond below. With the panoramic views as the primary decorations, the interiors are accented with light coloured bamboo millwork and offcut hardwood flooring.

Are these images making you feel relaxed yet?




To illustrate the country style aesthetic, the structure was re-cladded with a combination of horizontal and vertical wood siding and with cedar, which accentuates different details, like the corner windows, sunshades, the deck, and railings.

This natural material highlights the modest appearance of the farmhouse, while the light material glides undisturbed into the lofty sky above. This palette of varying texture and colours of the faint blue and grey marries well with the form of the farmhouse, resulting in a wholesome piece of architectural work.




PLANT Architect Inc reminds us to take a well deserved break back into nature, and into the countryside with this peaceful farmhouse. The firm showcases how modern architecture can complement traditional forms, instead of destroying the original structure. We see this work brilliantly with this Creemore Farmhouse, which results in a piece much greater than the sum of its two separate forms!

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All Photographs by Matthew Hartney/PLANT and Peter Legris, courtesy of PLANT Architect Inc.

Researched and Written by Crystal Yung, Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Waterloo University

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