Winnipeg’s OZ Condominiums By 5468796 Architecture

Situated on an L-shaped site, the highly luxurious OZ Condominiums consists of 25-units that are located within the centre of Osborne Village, Manitoba. Conceived by the exceptional 5468796 Architecture, the condominiums contain two tower structures that are interconnected through a unified elevator core and a glass entrance.

These bold contemporary statement condominiums received recognition for the 2015 MCHAP.emerge awards.





OZ condominiums serve as a high-contrast to the adjacent heritage neighbourhood, paving a new prospective for desirability towards the community:

"Emulating a carved block of space, masses of concrete were removed to create voids of space which allowed for central courtyards and each tower is enclosed with an interrelated layer of black metal panels. At the north frontage, a highly reflective metal frame encloses a central window which is the length of the ceiling to ground level. This window allows dwellers to get a glimpse of the river."   -






Large exterior terraces remain vastly open as the architects eliminated glass screenings to increase sunlight to flow indoors. As well, to prevent constructing highly dense condominiums, 5468796 Architecture aimed to reduce building mass by eliminating unnecessary structural framework on the balconies such as columns. 

The use of black grooved corrugated metal panels within the façade allows for the filtration of sunlight to pierce and bounce off, causing a continuous subtle pattern throughout the day. 





Each various elevation consists of a different configuration of unit composition which mimicked a fragmented Rubik's Cube.





The play with black and white is striking! White is applied to each fragment that is recessed and cut through which created a nice contrast while avoiding dark spaces.





5468796 Architecture was attentive to considerable density which inspired them to design a building with less material waste and smart use of space. Not only did 5468796 Architecture create a compelling design scheme, they introduced green space wherever possible, merging inorganic and organic as one.

Kudos to you, 5468796 Architecture!!!! I recommend checking out their noteworthy body of work!


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Photos courtesy of James Brittain Photography.


Researched and written by Narmeen Gorail, Undergraduate student of Environmental Design, OCAD University.

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