A Great White North Escape: Tiny Homes By Cabinscape In Ontario

Tiny homes are a relatively new trend in Canadian housing celebrated for their efficient, sustainable, and minimalist qualities that are rare amongst our production-based and luxury real estate housing options, particularly in Canadian urban centres. Several reasons include restrictive land-use policies, zoning bylaws, and a lack of places where you can park a small 'temporary' dwelling without protest. But that doesn't diminish how they have become objects of desire for many of us. Cabinscape - an Ontario-based company - offers an opportunity to experience the tiny home lifestyle through their cabins-on-wheels rentals. Free of urban constraints, this "Canadian-owned company offers custom-designed, low impact and ecologically sound tiny cabin rentals for intimate wilderness escapes". Behold the opportunity to unplug and indulge in a proper rest through an immersion with the great outdoors in honest, simple, pared-down (yet comfortable) living.





The charm of Cabinscape is that you can experience all of the rugged romance of living off-grid in a tiny home without the commitment. Or, even better, it's a way for you to test your mettle on whether you can live remotely in a tiny home permanently. If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of decluttering your life in a tiny home but haven’t been able to muster the will to do so, Cabinscape gives you the gift of that opportunity.





There are currently nine cabins (with more on the way!), accommodating 2-4 guests. Yes, they are small, which Cabinscape has harnassed to their advantage. Because they're also portable and on wheels, so they can be situated in locations no conventional dwelling can go. The footprint, which is at most 160 square feet, embraces the beautiful natural and remote environments in which they're placed, and they're completely off-grid so they also sustainably respect and honour nature.





Each cabin is fitted with a solar panel for electricity generation, as well as composting toilets to reduce water consumption. Additionally, they are equipped with everyday common amenities such as indoor heating, a gas stove, fridge, freezer, and drinkable, running water (water is shut off mid-October – early May). Recreational amenities include fire pits (s'mores nachos anyone?), board games, cards, and puzzles. Many of these tiny cabins are near large bodies of water with accessible canoe rental places, which, incidentally, is one of my personal favourite ways of enjoying a place!





Curious to learn more? Check out Cabinscape to see their wondrous world of tiny homesteads!


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All Photos courtesy of Cabinscape.


Researched and written by Matthew Mun, a student in the Masters of Architecture Program, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University.

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