Aframe Rehab By Subtraction By Quebec Firm Jean Verville Architects

Quebec is a mecca for all things art and design! In fact, La Belle Province was deemed Canada’s design hub by UNESCO. One project blooming out of Quebecs’ art and design sector is Aframe Rehab by Subtraction, an enchanting A-frame cabin nestled in the forest of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard in the Laurentian Mountains, designed by Jean Verville Architecte.




Jean Verville Archtiecte approaches each project with a careful study of the clients’ daily habits in an attempt to "transgress the standardization of place". 

Instead of rebuilding a more spacious cabin for the family, Jean Verille - in true Canadian spirit - decreased the environmental footprint of the cabin in an attempt to focus on creating a higher quality space that's more compact.

The result? The location and structure are perfect for a family get-away in nature.




Through form and function, this compact cabin was reimagined with an appreciation of the sublime natural landscape in which it is nestled. By a reduction in space from its previous existence, Aframe Rehab by Subtraction offers the landscape a chance to remind its residents of the importance and presence of natural spaces in daily activities. The cabin, now more than ever before, acts as a partner to the landscape.




Inside, the artful balance between design and landscape grounds the space.

Large windows offer ample contemplative views of Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard and the Laurentian Mountains. The expansive views of the landscape and natural toned interior design, rooted in minimalism, allow for the impression of endless open spaces, thus giving the sense that the structure is larger.





The strong geometry of the A-frame’s classic structure - and its unadorned interior and generous fenestration - both contrasts and complements the natural setting.

The expansive windows capture views - as if the landscape were the content in a contemporary conceptual art exhibition located within the home's white gallery walls - framed by the windows' starkly contrasting black casings.





Carefully placed cutouts within the volume also offer glimpses between rooms as well. Angled expertly to capture sight lines, these voids elevate the experience, while celebrating the ever-changing landscape palette.





Aframe Rehab by Subtraction exemplifies the perfect fusion of space, place and design. With its superb spatial awareness and a strong visual aesthetic - sitting harmoniously in its natural landscape - this Quebec retreat reminds us that honouring place is special.


To see more projects by this firm be sure to check out their website: Jean Verville Architecte.

All images are reproduced courtesy of Maxime Brouillet.


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Researched and written by Amanda Salmon, a Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design.


Posted In: Quebec

Posted In: Quebec

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