BC’s Serene Carnahan|Smith Residence By SMPL Design

The Carnahan|Smith Residence, by SMPL Design, is a home perfectly at home among BC’s snow-dusted central plateau mountains. Located in South Central BC, near the edge of the US border, the cottage is perched nearby Christina Lake on Santa Rosa road.



Photo courtesy of  Todd Carnahan.



Serenity, solitude, and simplicity are exemplified by the quiet structure. The solid paneling of the exterior is made of stained wood and dark steel, which evoke a feeling of steadfastness and permanence. This residence was built to weather time and BC’s harsh elements.



Photo courtesy of Todd Carnahan.



This 2600 square feet residence has lots of space, and includes two storeys, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms which translate into a perfect vacation home where you could entertain your guests, and have them comfortably stay overnight.

Once we step inside, we are welcomed to sheer brightness. Wooden windowpanes soften the view, and lighten the burden of seclusion. I also love how the large windows create a canvas for the landscape.



Photo courtesy of Todd Carnahan.



It is a space filled with dynamism, and life. 



Photo courtesy of Todd Carnahan.



The stained wood and the dark steel scheme found on the exterior are also traced throughout the interior of the home.

What else is needed but the bare essentials? Not much, since the passive solar technology of the windows, walls, and floors work together to store heat during those cold winter months, and repels heat during the summer. 



Photo courtesy of Todd Carnahan.



Although the dark metal exterior merges with the thick forest, depending on the angle at which you view the home, the side wooden walls of the cottage gives the illusion of a completely wooden lodging; this may look like a picture taken straight out of a fairy tale!



Photo courtesy of Todd Carnahan.



The Carnaham|Smith Residence is a balancing act of light and darkness, strength and comfort, simplicity and home, and when you’re perched on top of a mountain, balance is essential!

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All photos courtesy of Todd Carnahan.


Researched and Written by Emily E.A. Stringer, Undergraduate of Sociology, and Geography: Environment & Sustainability, at the University of British Columbia.

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