Berri Residence Addition In Montreal, Quebec

I recently published a post featuring Montreal architectural firm _NatureHumaine’s distinct use of colour and materiality in their interiors, but that was just a small slice of the talent from the firm co-founded by Stephane Rasselet and Marc-Andre Plasse, who have quickly become a personal favourite.

This project consisted of an addition to an existing 1940’s duplex property, where the clients requested the inclusion of a dining room to serve as the heart of the house.



Nature Humaine paired the client’s love of contemporary architecture with their own distinct use of masses and voids to construct the add-on.

The dining area, located on the ground level, incorporates a large south facing window and glazing on the west exit to a side patio.

“The dimensions of the glass panels have been pushed to their limits giving a sense of lightness and transparency to the extension” - _naturehumaine



The master bedroom is located on the lower level of the extension, directly below the kitchen and dining room.

Despite being below grade, the firm maximized the amount of natural light through a southern glazed façade overlooking a sunken garden.



The extension is clad in a dark olive stained pine and Galvalume steel, contrasting the light and open aesthetic of the interiors.


Another success!

Check out _naturehumaine's full portfolio on their website.
All images courtesy of _naturehumaine.

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design - Ryerson University

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