The Bower Avenue House By Flynn Architect In Ottawa, Ontario

In the heart of Old Ottawa East’s traditional brick single detached houses, Flynn Architect’s ‘Bower Avenue House’ stands out as a beacon of change in an aging visually repetitive neighbourhood.

This change is the manifestation of architect Jason Flynn’s (the proprietor of Flynn Architect) ideal for intensification through infill development. Flynn Architect’s contemporary design reinterprets Canadian suburban architecture with respect to both appearance and functionality.




The Bower Avenue House does just this - it is juxtaposed neatly between two of the neighbourhood’s familiarly-styled detached brick homes. The three-storey white stone and glass house offers visual contrast to the existing neighbourhood aesthetic.

Visually designed to reflect our country's emerging love for the modern dwell, this stone, steel and glass residence reflects Flynn Architect's objective to keeping a familiar function while radically redesigning the domestic form.





Flynn Architect cleverly laid out the home with an L-shaped building footprint, allowing the open-concept interior to be demarcated not by walls but through space plan, while maximizing the efficiency of the site. The footprint - and thoughtful placement of the fenestration - allows for as much natural light possible throughout the property.





The sleek modern lines of the exterior are continued in the interior - with glass, marble and locally sourced wood - grounding the aesthetic.





The modern fireplace encased in marble anchors the entertainment level, while defining the delineation of each zone.





The neutral palette, contemporary furnishings and abundant natural light instills a relaxing feeling that is both unifying and elevating, ensuring the architectural composition remains the focal point.





Flynn Architect located the staircase to the front side of the house – both creating a strong visually arresting focal point both inside and out - while ensuring a space plan designed for maximum efficiency.





Flynn Architect repackages the functions of the suburban family home into a contemporary environment which is modern, fresh and engaging.

Exemplifying modern design, The Bower Avenue House serves as inspiration for reinventing the Canadian domicile.

To view more of their fantastic work, visit Flynn Architect's website.


All images sourced from Flynn Architect.


Researched and written by Brandon Campagna, undergraduate student in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo.

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